6S (LHS) Spacesaver Single Sided Swingarm Stand

These stands have a shaft which is a neat fit into the hollow rear axle of most single sided swing arm bikes. The stands can be fitted with whichever shaft suits the bike it is intended for, and the shaft can be easily changed if the stand is to be used on more than 1 model. The shaft is mounted on bearings and so is free to spin with the wheel if you choose to rotate it.

All our single sided stands are very sturdily built to cope with the cantilevered forces involved in supporting the weight of a bike from one side. They have the most heavily braced frame of any stand on the market. We don't make one stand which will work on both sides of the bike for a good reason - we tried it, but it wasn't stiff enough, because the frame design had to be compromised. to allow it to fit from both sides.

This stand sits on 3 swivelling dual wheel castors, which allows you to move the bike in all directions.

Great for swivelling the bike around inside the garage or to help shuffle your bike collection around.

The 2 Front Castors have brakes so you can lock the wheels.

Available in Red or Black Powdercoat and includes the Axle Shaft.

6S (LHS) Spacesaver Single Sided Swingarm Stand

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