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For bikes with conventional dual sided swingarms.


Part Number: 
AS 3001 powder coated
AS3101 chrome.

These stands will fit a huge range of bikes. They are adjustable for width, so will fit bikes from 125cc to 1200cc. They can be used with L shaped or forked lifting attachments, so they can be used with or without pick-up knobs attached to the swingarm.

When ordering, choose which attachments you need.

All our Universal stands are also adjustable for height - simply move the wheel axle bolts to a lower hole if you need the stand taller, or to a higher hole if you need it shorter.

Most cruiser bikes have the exhaust pipes low down next to the swingarm, so there is no room for the stand to fit. If you're not sure, crouch down next to the rear wheel, with your eye at axle height - for the stand to work, you should be able to see some of the swingarm in front of the axle. If all you can see is muffler, the stand will not work on that bike.
They WILL work on most dirt bikes and multipurpose bikes.

If the bike has threaded holes or bosses for pick-up knobs, you should make use of them - it is easier to use the stand if you use the knobs. If there is no provision for knobs, there must be some flat area on the bottom of the swingarm for the L shaped attachments to work.

Universal Rear Stand AS3001 powder coated
Universal Rear Stand AS3001 powder coated

Universal Rear Stand AS3101 chrome
Universal Rear Stand AS3101 chrome

Universal Motorcycle Stand Forked Adapter
Universal Rear Stand Forked Attachment

Universal Rear Stand L-shaped Attachment
Universal Rear Stand L-shaped Attachment

Universal Rear 899

  • ⚬ FORKED – these are for use with Swingarm Pick-up Knobs (or spools), or on an axle rod.
  • ⚬ L SHAPED – these work on rectangular section swingarms where there is no provision for knobs. They are designed to pivot, so the stand can go through it’s arc while they stay flat under the swingarm. The surfaces touching the swingarm have neoprene rubber glued to them, so they won’t mark the swingarm, and they won’t slip – neoprene provides a grippy surface.
  • ⚬ Honda 929 Fireblade (needs a special left hand attachment)
  • ⚬ Ducati 999 and 749 - the 2004 models with the cast swingarm
  • ⚬ Ducati Sport Classics These have round section swingarms.
  • ⚬ Buell
  • ⚬ Reverse spools. These are for use with swingarm brackets such as those optional on the Yamaha R1M, and aftermarket kits.
  • ⚬ Ducati Scrambler


VMAX - we make a special version of our Universal rear stand to suit the series 11 V Max 

Thunderbird 1600 – we make a special rear stand which lifts under the swingarm of the Triumph Thunderbird 1600and 1700

Triumph T-Bird 1600 Rear Stand
Triumph T-Bird 1600 Rear Stand

At first you will need someone to hold the bike upright while you become familiar with the stand and set the width and height correctly. Once familiar with it you should be able to use the stand single handed. The difficult part is holding the bike upright with one hand while you position the stand with the other hand. Once it starts to take the weight it gets easier. If you are a 6 stone weakling with a Hyabusa, you'd probably better have an assistant.

If your bike doesn't have pick-up knobs, you can achieve the same effect by sticking a metal rod through the rear axle (if it is hollow) with about 50mm protruding each side. Then you can use the forked lifting attachments which come with the stand to lift on the rod. Of course, you wont be able to remove the rear wheel, but it makes most other jobs easier.

If you are going to make 1 stand fit all sorts of bikes, then the height of the stand has to be a compromise. Until we designed this latest Universal rear , we used to have 2 different heights of stand, but it was difficult to ensure that the right stand was supplied for the right bike. Most bikes have tyres with about the same rolling diameter, so the axles are all about the same height. The swingarms are also fairly similar on most bikes - the depth of section varies a bit, but not enough to matter. The problem is that some bikes have no pick up knobs - (so you have to use the L shaped attachments ), some have the knobs on the side of the swingarm (forked attachments), some have the knobs under the swingarm, and some have the knobs on projections way under the swingarm. (e.g. Suzuki GSXR, Kawasaki ZRX1100). 

If you have tried to use a normal stand to lift a GSXR 1000 from 2005 on, you would have found it very difficult. That's because the stand is a lever, and the mechanical advantage of the stand's handle is lost because of the extreme angle it is forced into at the start of the lift - caused by the pick-up knobs being lower down under the swingarm. When you do finally get the bike onto the stand, it lifts it ridiculously high - way higher than it needs to. Other manufacturers either ignore the problem or try to get around it by making the handle of the stand longer. That's fine, except for the trip hazard of the handle, the space needed behind the bike, and the ungainly size of the stand - and even then the lifting effort is still too difficult!

So, with our Universal rear, you can change the axle position of the wheels, which changes the height. This means there is now no need for compromise - you can have the stand set just right for maximum mechanical advantage. If you are only lifting the tyre clear of the ground by 20 or 30mm, the effort needed on the handle is minimised and so the stand can be made more compact. We have also arranged the adjustment holes so that the geometry of the stand is not compromised. Whichever hole is used, it still goes over centre by the same amount.

You would be amazed at how easy it is to lift a bike when the stand geometry is right - a child can do it!


Part Number:
AS 3029 powder coated
AS3129 chrome

This stand sits on 3 swivelling dual wheel castors, which allows you to move the bike in any direction. Great for swivelling the bike around to park it sideways in the corner of the garage, or to help shuffle your bike collection around so you can get to the one in the middle.

The two front castors have brakes so you can lock the wheels.

Most of what is written above about the Universal rear stand applies to the Spacesaver. It is adjustable for width and height, and can use both Forked and L shaped lifting attachments, as well as the other special attachments.

Spacesaver Universal Rear Stand
Spacesaver Universal Rear Stand

Spacesaver Universal Rear Stand
Spacesaver Universal Rear Stand

Anderson Rear Pick-up Knob Kits

We can supply pick-up knob kits to suit all motorcycles with threaded bosses on the swing arm. The easiest and safest way to use a stand.


Pickup Knobs and Stand Adaptors
Pickup Knobs and Stand Adaptors

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